Sunday, June 22, 2014

This is why we never plan anything, ever

We were home, and it was great. And I got a little cocky. I mean, we went to the outpatient clinic, and I did a quick pass-through on the inpatient ward, and there were all these people I didn't know, including a new doctor.

So I was feeling good, and Adi was feeling great, and I was thinking ahead and planning -- and you know where this is going, right? I invited our next door neighbors over for Friday night dinner. "Bring nothing!" I chirped.

We went to this great even on Wednesday and had a blast and then on Wednesday night, Adi had stomach pain and started vomiting. No big deal, right? I mean, vomiting is sometimes a side effect of 6MP.

Except that the stomach pain made Guy and me look at each other and say, "Crap." And in the morning, I called the clinic and they said if he threw up again I should come in, and OF COURSE Adi threw up again RIGHT AFTER I HUNG UP, so we went in, and then we were admitted and the surgeon came and asked, "WHAT DID YOU LET HIM EAT?" And Guy told him that Adi had part of a bagel, and the doctor was livid and implied that had we given Adi knives to juggle it would have been less dangerous, EVEN THOUGH I CHECKED AND BAGELS ARE FINE.

I called my neighbor to rescind my invitation. "God, you and your excuses," she muttered. (SHE WAS KIDDING.) (I THINK.)

The surgeon sent Adi for x-rays every two hours on Thursday night. On Friday, the onco doc paged the on-call surgeon in the morning. Repeatedly. All day long. The on-call surgeon showed up at 6:30pm. And her decision was to continue waiting, doing nothing.

On Saturday morning, a new on-call surgeon came up first thing and immediately began attempting to flush the blockage out. When that didn't work, he send us for an x-ray and then put Adi on a contrast agent which can help unclog blockages. Adi threw up. He reduced the flow of the agent. Adi threw up. He sent us for a CT, to which he accompanied us. As we came out of the CT, he was already on the phone, ordering an OR, and within an hour, Adi was in surgery.

Fortunately, Adi's surgery was very straightforward this time. There were tons of adhesions (none of which, by the way, were caused by bagels), and Adi's small intestine had rotated 360 degrees, effectively shutting it completely. They did not have to resect any of the bowel, thank goodness, and Adi was sent to the surgical ward, and not the ICU.

Today he's doped up pretty well, which is good because he's got a catheter and an NG tube, both of which he hates. I'm hoping that tomorrow they'll remove the catheter, because then we can get him up and walking, which will help move things along.

So, this is why we NEVER PLAN ANYTHING EVER. Please remind me of this next time I am feeling like it's okay to PLAN SOMETHING.


Mara said...

Oh Abbi. :( (Plus, of course, this all started when you planned for us to come... Stupid plans.)