Sunday, January 12, 2014

Why Bother Planning?

So, Friday was going just fine. I cooked. I took food to the hospital for Rony and Gaya, and came home with enough time to drink coffee and finish posting. I had time to fight with Guy over the COLOR OF THE TABLECLOTH. The table was set, the floor was washed (not by me, don't be silly), and we were READY.

And then Adi peed, and Guy told me that there were little tiny blood clots in the pee.

We called the on-call doc -- and that was its own story, because no one answered and it took forever -- but the upshot was, if it happens again, you'll need to come in. And OF COURSE it happened again, literally moments before candle lighting.

We called the on-call doc again and got permission to first take Adi to shul for a little bit, then bring him in. So Guy and Adi went to shul to hear Yedid Nefesh and Lecha Dodi, and then they left for the hospital.

I can't even tell you how depressing it was.

Because he loves me, Guy texted to tell me that they got a room in the onco ward, that everything seemed fine, and that Adi was being flushed with fluids.

Saturday night, I went to the hospital to take over, and Adi was feeling pretty good. He's been great all day, stuffing himself (two yogurts, two jellos, pizza, edamame, schnitzel, potatoes, choco, a milkshake, and maybe a few more things I've forgotten -- and it's only 2pm), peeing nicely (and without visible blood clots), and being a funny, funny kid.

Of course, we start the second HR block tonight. We'll kick it off with a little Vincristine, then jazz it up tomorrow with an intrathecal and some methotrexate, because WHY NOT.

So you see, people, this is why I tell you that I have no idea when you ask if I'm free tomorrow at noon. Ask me tomorrow at 11:45, and I might be able to tell you. Planning ahead? HAHAHAHAHA.


Anonymous said...

I don't even tell my developmentally typical kiddos who are currently heathy about any plans until we are out the door because plans change on a dime. I can't imagine throwing developmental and health issues into the mix. I love your writing, hate the current topics you are dealing with. Sending positive thoughts your way...

Crystal T. said...

Bummer!!!! I hope he's out again soon and you guys can relax at least a little bit. Hang in there!