Tuesday, November 12, 2013

This is what a pretty good day looks like.

Not all the days suck, you should know. Sometimes we have days that are actually pretty good. Like today. Adi and I had the day off today, because his white blood cell count was too low for chemo. So we woke up when the rest of the house did, but we didn't have to get out of bed. So we didn't. We just hung out under the covers, talking and laughing. We Facetimed my parents and chatted with them. Adi's favorite question to ask them is, "Did you eat dinner? What did you have?" He asks this about 97 times per conversation, and after we hang up, he retells it.

Adi decided he wanted to hang out on the sofa downstairs, so we made our way down there and got him settled with a pillow and a blanket. I had my coffee and breakfast, and Adi had a sandwich and some juice. He took his meds and didn't throw up.

We each settled in with an iPad to watch our respective shows (Adi: Lazytown, Mom: Homeland). I scrubbed the kitchen surfaces and organized a couple of drawers in the pantry. I wanted to get back upstairs to finish organizing my closet, but Adi wasn't having any of that.

"Rest with me," he said, every time I tried to leave his sightline. So I stayed on the first floor, conveniently far away from the washing machine.

Shirlee came over and we had coffee and coaxed Adi into drawing a garbage truck so that she could make a cake for him. She got to work on the cake, and her husband came over with lunch. Guy came home with two of the other kids and took them to a special presentation of a major Israeli show; only the oncology ward is invited, but there was no way Adi could go.

We finished the cake and Adi approved of it, and he even ate some of the whipped cream.

He took my phone and Facetimed my parents in the middle of the night. They were exceptionally gracious about it.

He drew a few more pictures, including one with balloons, "for the birthday."

He made a few jokes and talked with us.

So, yes, no laundry was done, but it was still a pretty successful day. We take what we can get.


Anonymous said...

I read the FAQ, and wanted you to know I read all of your posts, just don't know what to say. You paint such a powerfully vivid picture for us, yet I have no clue what it must really be like. Thinking of you and your fam and sending you positive thoughts daily.

Abbi Perets said...

Thank you for saying so. It helps!