Thursday, March 24, 2011

If you were trying to get me to post, you win.

You may recall that Aetna makes me insane, and I had the audacity to write about my annoyance at their sudden decision to not cover therapies they had covered in the past.

Well, an anonymous commenter has chosen to take me to task. There is NOTHING I love more than dissecting anonymous comments. Here it is:

I wanted a new 2011 Lexus but they wouldn't give it to me for $1,000. The nerve of those car dealers!

Why does everyone think that Insurance covers everything for everybody? The limits of you specific policy are the limits you live with (or not). Pay more and get a better policy (or car). Unfortunate situation but stop whinning...
OK, Anon, I will totally spot you the misspelling, because I'm feeling generous, and because I am well aware that I have typos in my posts. The random capitalization of Insurance? OK, I can let that go. Let's attack the substance of your comment, not the style.

Maybe you're not aware of how insurance works for most of us in this country. That is, we don't have the luxury of shopping around for the best possible policy. Rather, we're limited to the paltry offerings our employers make available. And not cheaply, I might add.

Anyway, Anon, if you actually read my post, and the other posts on the topic, you discover that yes, I do find it reprehensible that Aetna does not feel the need to cover my son's therapies, but I am even more disturbed by the fact that they DID cover him and then abruptly decided that they were just kidding. Essentially, they sent me a letter saying, "Hey, we want a do-over!" To which I respond, "NO BACKSIES."

Your analogy sucks, Anon. When I go car shopping, I can decide how much I want to spend, and what I want to get for that money, and then it is up to me to find the seller who offers what I want at that price. In fact, I am going through that process right now. And do you know what? If you are patient and careful, there is an excellent chance that you can get a 2009 Sienna with under 50,000 miles and dual power sliding doors for under $17,000.

If Aetna offered me a policy that would cover my son's speech, OT, and PT for $X/month, I would most likely buy it. If I could shop around for an individual policy that would cover those things, even better. But that's not possible these days in this great country. Health care reform? Yeah, not really very helpful when it doesn't REQUIRE INSURERS TO COVER TREATMENT.

And that is all for today. Internet, I still have to tell you The Great Saga of Selling Our Honda Odyssey, but I have to save it for after my work is done.


ella said...

Shouldn't the title of this post be, "If you were trying to get me to post, you w(h)in"? Health insurance is crazy. For your sake, I hope that the situation in Israel is a whole heck of a lot better than in the States!

Mara said...

I could go on and on about how much I hate the insurance system in this country and how much better it is in Israel. See, I just said something was better in Israel. ;-)

You sold the Odyssey? What are you driving?!

moplans said...

I wish these idiots would stay away, but i do enjoy your responses
that insurance nonsense was ridiculous

sugarmagnolia70 said...

great comeback! I'm outraged on your behalf. And the poster needs spel-chek in a badd waye. ;-)