Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming...

...to talk about, well, programming. Specifically television programming. I read this NYT article with something bordering on disbelief. Look, I get that TV is awesome. I LOVE TV. I really do. And I used to be completely addicted to my TiVo and my channels and my everything. Until I looked at the bill one day and decided that I was done.

It took a bit of time to get Mr. WG on board, but we got there eventually. We have a Mac Mini hooked up to our television, so we can watch shows on Hulu.com. We also have a Roku and a Netflix subscription. The Roku is hooked up in our bedroom; we can watch Netflix on demand via the Mac Mini on the big screen in the family room. And for those "premium" shows the guy in the article is whining about -- has he never heard of ordering DVDs from Netflix? Visiting the library? Or hanging out with a friend?

You know what? CBS doesn't make any of their content available on Hulu. Guess what? I no longer watch anything on CBS. Sure, if they come up with the next Lost, that means I won't see it. But eventually, it'll be on DVD, if it's any good, and I'll get it then.

In the last year, I watched all available seasons of Weeds and Entourage on DVD. Same with Monk, and I've just started Brothers and Sisters. I also watch current shows, like Covert Affairs, Persons Unknown, The Gates (OMG, I LOVE THE GATES), pretty much anything USA airs, and lots more. LOTS more. But I will never go back to paying for cable.

That is all. You may go on with your lives now. Thank you.


sugar magnolia said...

Gasp! I love my TV, and TiVo. I wish I could do what you did! I'm addicted, and it's not good. :)

Mara said...

Again, separated at birth! We killed the cable to get out of debt, but now would never go back. DH balked at first, but now he's convinced as well. Of course, we download, watch on Hulu and check out free stuff from the library! Who has time to watch TV at an assigned time anyway these days?!