Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Really need your good thoughts

D. leaves in the morning (at 4:30 in the morning, to be precise) for camp. For 7 weeks. My sweet boy. Are we crazy? Mr. WG is flying with him and driving him to camp, and then he'll return home the next day... presumably without my baby.

I know this will be good for us and for J. And I'm pretty sure that most of it will be great for D. But it's that little bit that I worry about. The way he'll undoubtedly tell his counselors, "I go home now?" and they'll say, "No, we're going swimming!" and he'll say, "And then I go home?"

I know, at the end of the day, that D. will survive. But will his innocence? His faith in us? And will my heart?


Shosh said...

Is he going to camp H? If so, then I feel a lot better, because it will redeem that camp in my eyes, since they have a lady who fundraises for it who calls me repeatedly at 8AM on Sunday mornings and asks me, in her heavy Brooklyn accent, to donate my money to the children of Camp H and I always want to say something rude but never have. So I guess I will forgive her. :)

He's going to have a great time. It might be a hard adjustment...but then again, isn't everything? I cry when my kids go to camp for 3 hours a few blocks from my house...and it occurred today that I should really get a grip because one day I will actually have to send them away, not just down the block!

Keep us updated on how he's doing, and enjoy the peace and quiet!

lisa said...

Oh, I would be agonizing too. Seven weeks is a long time. But obviously, kids do this. And parents too. :)

Hang in there. Hopefully you'll get lots of updates, yes? That should ease the worry considerably.

WriterGrrl said...

Yes, Shosh, right camp. But feel free to say something rude. :-) When I got a call from Yachad to give money to kids with SN, I actually started laughing and explained that I give ALL my money to a kid with SN. The guy hung up in a hurry.