Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh yes I did play the SN kid card.

The email I sent to Logitech after reading this post:

Dear Mr. Henry:

I've heard you're the man to talk to at Logitech about my Harmony remote. We have had a variety of Harmony remotes over the years, most recently the 880, which I adore. Unfortunately, it recently stopped working. That is, the remote charges just fine, and all the screens function properly, but when I point it at a device and press --- well, it's about as effective as asking my 11-year-old to set the table, which is to say, not very effective.

I updated the firmware, wiped and reset, reinstalled everything -- and still, no dice. Or changing channels. I emailed customer support over a week ago, but I have not received any kind of response.

My husband has an HD antenna thingy (that's the actual technical name, by the way), with a box, and we don't have the remote for it anymore. So he's stuck with it on Fox, and we can't watch any other channels, because it has no buttons. This means that last night, when my husband turned on the TV, my 6-year-old developmentally delayed son got to see Family Guy. Let me tell you, it's rare that I'm glad for my son's speech delay, but last night was one of those times!

Anyway, I'm really hoping you can help me get my remote fixed. That would be super cool.

Last night, just before 10pm, Logitech called. They're sending me a brand new Harmony One. For free. Because they're super cool like that.

In related news, I am awesome.


Jess said...

Nice! I've heard good things about that remote, too.

Teej said...

I love your letters. And this was one of the best.

DESJ and Company said...

I love you :)

Unknown said...

Being a WASP, I cannot play the race card, the gender card, or the religion card. So the two SN kids card is about all I get to use, and use it I will.