Friday, May 14, 2010

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

So, my good friend Karin tagged me, and she specifically noted that she tagged the people she did because she thinks maybe I "need a reminder of what makes you happy," and it's kind of like she KNOWS I just finished reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, and what the hell. Writing about happiness is nice. I can be nice. Maybe.

Anyway. Ten things that make me happy. In no particular order.

1. Baby A. I mean, duh, all my kids, but Baby A still can't talk, which means he can't talk BACK or tell me how much he hates me or that I am "a disgusting smelly skunk" like J told me today. He just smiles and shakes his whole body with joy and shouts A-DAH! when he sees me, and he crawls across the floor at lightning speed to get to me, and he cries if I walk away. LOVE HIM.

2. Saving money at CVS. I am so, so happy when I leave the store with a bag full of stuff that they basically paid me to carry out. Yes, I am kind of a loser, but oh well.

3. When I finish my morning run. I hate the actual running part, but I like having run.

4. When they mark down the kosher meat at Kroger and I stock my freezer for an almost reasonable amount of money. See above re: loser.

5. Thinking about next year, when I will homeschool my girls and get to hang out with them, teach them things, not ever have to run out and buy posterboard at the last minute for a project, and NOT EVER have to deal with people who annoyed me this year.

6. Mornings like today, when Mr. WG came home from carpool and we cooked together while Baby A crawled around the kitchen. It was great to have the help, the company, and the time to just chill together. He's pretty great.

7. The insults J hurls at me. They probably shouldn't amuse me as much as they do (see above re: stinky skunk), but they are just so unintentionally funny. "Mommy! If you don't by me Spike the Dinosaur, I am NOT going to sleep in your bed ANYMORE!" Promise?

8. The closet in my office, which is frighteningly organized right now. Organized spaces in general make me happy, although I don't always enjoy the work that goes into creating them.

9. The way Z. runs to greet me in my car when I pull into school to pick up J. at noon daily. Also the way she holds my hand when we are in a parking lot or going somewhere. She is almost 11 and she still wants to hold my hand!

10. Comments. Seriously, I am a comment WHORE, yo.

OK, so I am now supposed to tag 10 people. Um. I'll try. Let's see... again, in no particular order:

1. Sara
2. Shosh
3. Teej
4. Kathryn
5. Persephone
6. Ken, mostly because this entry is just beyond awesome
7. Meredith

and there you go. The other blogs I read currently are far too big to be bothered with me or were already tagged. So. Seven. Go, post, and be merry.


Karin Kysilka said...

You know I love it!

Thy said...

How could I NOT comment after such a post. Well Hi! first time commenter here. Love your blog...

persephone said...

Ack! I'm so overloaded right now that an actual post is not going to happen. But I *am* happy to see my name on that list. So that's one thing, right? :D

The Empress said...

I'm trying the Happiness Project, too. *sigh*

Hope this one works...

moplans said...

thanks WG that was fun to read.
Off to check out the other blogs.

Anonymous said...

You like comments? Here's one for you. Thank you for writing this blog. We've been suspicious about our son having Sotos for a year, since the golden child was six months old. Our turn with the genetics doc finally came in March, and the likely diagnosis became official w/ the arrival of genetics results today. We know no other families affected by this disease. Please keep sharing the stories of yours.