Thursday, April 29, 2010

What I do when I'm supposed to be working

Dear Randalls:

We're done. Totally broken up, forever.

I started off the day in a good mood. My husband's Vitamin D needed to be refilled, and Kroger helpfully put a coupon for a $25 gift card in their circular, plus I had a $5 off any $50 purchase at Randalls, so I figured my worst case would be $50 worth of groceries for $20 out of pocket. Of course, I sat down and matched up coupons for half an hour or so, and ultimately, I planned to get my groceries for about $8 out of pocket.

But you can't let me be happy, can you, Randalls?

Off I went to the grocery store. At the pharmacy counter, I was told, "Oh, we don't take competitors' coupons."

Here's a tip, Randalls: When your competitor is LITERALLY ACROSS THE STREET, that's a really stupid policy.

It would be one thing if this were my first negative experience at your store, but that's far from the case. I used to stop by frequently, as you're currently the only Kosher sushi game in town. But when I'd come in at 11:30, which I feel is a perfectly reasonable time to pick up lunch, the sushi was never ready. The lady behind the counter would tell me she was making it. I'd ask what was ready, and she'd ask what I wanted. I want what's ready, I'd tell her. What's ready? Nothing, yet, she'd say, and she'd ask what I wanted again, at which point, I'd give up and leave.

Then there was the whole "We don't take Internet printable coupons" thing. Nice try, but when the coupons are available ON YOUR HOMEPAGE, you lose.

And who could forget the time my husband tried to spend a gift card at your store, only to be told that even though customer service could verify that there was, in fact, $100 on the card, the cashier could not scan it properly, and there was nothing anyone could do to help us. That was a fun trip.

Anyway, today was the last straw. You have annoyed me for the last time.

Go hang out with Aetna or something. No one here wants to play with you.



The Empress said...

Stay strong. Never go in there again. That is B.S.