Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The weather was beautiful yesterday afternoon. When D. came home from school, he hightailed it to the park. I followed a few minutes later, whereupon D. said, "Let's take a walk." He took my hand, and we walked around the neighborhood for about a half an hour. It was lovely.

When S. came home from school, all she could think about was that she was going to take the neighbor's dog for a walk, and it was still LOVELY out, and so Mr. WG and the boys and S. all left the house while I started dinner.

After about an hour, Mr. WG decided it was time for them to come inside, and D. apparently disagreed. So he punched our front window, a large rounded-top window that looks kind of like this, and now one of the large rectangles is... shattered.

Mr. WG was, to say the least, unhappy. And the rest of the evening kind of sucked. And that, in a nutshell, is a pretty accurate description of our lives. Everything can be going along amazing, we're reveling in our lives and the beauty of the world and the awesomeness of our kids and then -- BAM! The glass shatters and little shards stick in your skin and you find yourself slowly bleeding to death from a thousand small cuts.


The Empress said...

Oh, I know that feeling.

It changes you. It's like you're afraid to get happy in case thins don't stay sane.

You get lost in everything being just "normal" what people take for granted. And then,'re jolted back into your reality.

Love the detail on "bleeding to death from a thousand small cuts."

That's what it is , not any one thing, but all of the stuff.

I feel for you.