Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Does Anyone Still Read This?

Hi! I know I've been terribly absent lately. Sorry about that. I don't know if you know this, but I have five kids. One has special needs, and another one is missing an ear. So, yeah. Whatever.

Anyway, I had to come post today, with the latest craziness from my life. Mostly so that you all can tell me that I am not the crazy one here. So, here we go:

My daughter is nearly 11, and so we are participating in a Bat Mitzvah class at one of the nearby shuls. It's a small class of mothers and daughters, and all the girls are in my daughter's grade (fifth grade) -- except for one. She's in sixth grade. She's also more than a little bit stuck up, and I don't like her parents. In fact, before I moved here, I met her father, who was at the time the president of the Day School. At that point, I still homeschooled my daughters, and I mentioned that fact. And he said something like, "Oh, your children are unique? Well I have a school full of unique children." He just struck me as unlikable and obnoxious. When I met his wife, it was more of the same -- just a general disdain for...everyone.

We haven't had much to do with this family, because they live on the other side of town and we run in completely different circles. Their circles are studded with diamonds and designer logos. But there they were, mom and daughter, at the Bat Mitzvah class.

The daughter sat sullenly. During the game portion, she cheated blatantly, and didn't stop even when she was called on it. So she was removed from the game by one of the other mothers. Her own mother said nothing.

During the craft activity, her daughter and friends sat at a table separately from the rest of the girls, and talked about the other girls and made fun of the activity.

Towards the end of the afternoon, one of my friends and I had a quiet conversation over to the side. We discussed two school issues we were unhappy about. Can you see where this is going?

My phone rang today, and it's this woman. "I want to tell you that I left the program with a heavy heart," she says, and I think she's calling to tell me she's sad about how her daughter was mean. But no! She starts in on me, saying that she heard my conversation and I need to be careful about what I say, because there are people who may not feel the need to show their strength, but they are aware of what goes on. They know what I'm saying. They know what they've been told that I've said. They know, she tells me, and I'm staring at the phone going, WHAAAAA?

At one point, I pointed out the fallacy in something she said, and it was clear that she didn't have any intention of actually listening; her agenda was simply to tell me what a terrible person I am and to let me know that these mysterious strong people in my community know it.

Honestly, this woman would be doing me a huge favor if she'd get me kicked off the board or (better!) get my kids kicked out of school. Then I could homeschool, which is what I want, and save a bloody fortune, to boot. (So why don't I homeschool already? Because I'm married, and I don't have the only vote.)

So that is the crazy for today. I hope you enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

yes, i noticed! and just assumed that you were, as you mentioned, busy...

does it make you feel any better to know that the same day school nonsense goes on in every community? i think you have to do something really egregious to get kicked off the board, though...


Teej said...

Ugh. Jerks, and their jerky kids, suck.

Lisa said...

I still read (of course!!) and wow...my blood is boiling on your behalf. Unbelievable! And the father...grrr...sorry you had to deal with that. But glad she's gone!

dee said...

Gah, I hate these mothers. My town is full of them and I refuse to play their games. Eff her, I say.

No problem on that whole 'not being around as much' thing...I hear having two, or three, or five kids will do that to a person ;)


Anonymous said...

Yay!! Found you through Lovethatmax.

Am enjoying reading all your posts.

You are No bullshit at all. I am loving it.

I love it, sorry..but it IS a soap opera, and I"m hooked.

You type what I can't say..I live in a small town and I jumped for JOY when they asked my son to leave school last January. Because I got to school him at home. Just like you, he was in school because the significant other insisted on it. I KNEW it wouldn't work, but whatever..he's home now.

I love all of what you say, because it is like sitting next to an ear whispering friend way back in high school.

Love your irreverance. You are writergrrrl.