Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I have received TWO blog awards lately, and I am in the process of writing this awesome post -- seriously -- but it's taking some time. Sorry.

In the meantime, because I love you, I thought I would share the horribly depressing story of My Trip to the Grocery Store.

I had purchased some refrigerated cookie dough the other day, and I realized that in my deal-seeking-ness, I had actually wound up purchasing two packs of non-kosher cookie dough. So I had to go return them today.

I walked into the store and got in line at the customer service counter. The woman at the front of the line was asking questions about her half-eaten birthday cake. The woman behind her had a cart full of groceries, all in bags, her receipt in her hand, and three small children.

When the cake lady finished, the woman with the groceries stepped up and said, "I need to return all of this," and gestured to the full cart.

"All of that?" the cashier said.

"Sorry," the woman said, her eyes wide. It took me a couple minutes to figure out that she was trying not to cry. I'm telling you, my heart was breaking, and I wish I'd had the cash on hand to buy this lady her groceries. I keep thinking about those kids.



Shosh said...

whoa. kinda puts things in perspective, doesnt it.

although one can hope...maybe she was just returning it because her coupon didnt print out? that could make me cry....

Hartley said...

Hi there,

I actually have paid for a woman's groceries in front of me. Last year, she put all of this food up there (oj, milk, bread, etc.), was pregnant and had her three year old daughter with her. When she went to pay, her food stamps were expired. I paid the $85 bucks or so. Never regreted it either. : )

Thank you for the comment on my blog!