Monday, July 06, 2009

Epistle: To Z., On the Occasion of Her Tenth Birthday Having Been Some Two Weeks Prior

First of all, Z., I would like you to please STOP GETTING OLDER, because it is absolutely insane that I have a child who is TEN.

Next, I realize how pathetic is is that we are nearly two weeks past your birthday and I am only just now getting this letter written. This, my dear, is what it means to be part of a large family with a disorganized mother. Get used to it, because it's not going to get any better after this next baby shows up. And frankly, consider yourself lucky, because I just noticed that I never bothered to write a letter to S. this year when she turned 8. In FEBRUARY.

Now then. On to you.

Where to begin, Z? Where to begin? Your birthday wishes this year amused me. Your Amazon wish list consisted entirely of stone jewelry and Webkinz. Unbeknownst to you, I told everyone not to buy you any more Webzink. So you used your Target gift card to buy one for yourself, thereby demonstrating yet again that you can outsmart me at every turn.

You wanted an arts and crafts party. Fortunately, I know my own limitations, so I was happy to hire another mom to run the craft part of the party, which worked out fairly well.

Your grandparents sent you birthday cards featuring Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers. I remember when your birthday cards had little girls with balloons. You mentioned casually that you don't like Hannah's new music, only her older songs, which I think is good. I think her older songs are more kid-friendly, but maybe I'm wrong. I generally am, when it comes to you.

You still hate being asked to help out, but you are sometimes in the mood to help unprompted.

I was all set to homeschool you next year, but you changed your mind. I'm sad about this, because I think it would have been fun, it would have helped us get along better, and you would have learned a lot. And I would have, too. So we'll have to find different ways to do that learning next year.

It astounds me daily that you are a person in your own right, with your own likes and dislikes. Your refusal to taste onions. Your enjoyment of latch hook. Your stubbornness. Your friends. Your enemies. Your friends, again.

You amaze me. You infuriate me. You delight me. You rail against me. I disappoint you. You forgive me. I love you.

It's getting harder to write these letters and put everything you are into words. But just remember the important part: I love you so much.

Happy Belated Birthday.



DESJ and Company said...

i need to start doing this whole letter on a birthday thing.

Natalie said...

yes, WG - you are to be commended for the effort in writing to your children; it's a priceless gift that they will one day cherish above soooo many things - you encourage me to do this from time to time. How it too demonstrates how we grow as mothers as our children do?! As always - enjoyed your writing!

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