Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Your Idea is Idiotic

Yesterday, I was going through the mail and came across the ATT Uverse bill.

"Hey, I have an idea," I said to Mr. WG. "What if we canceled cable and got the most expensive Netflix package available and had 8 DVDs at a time and watched TV on the Internet?

"Your idea is idiotic," he said. "I have to watch basketball."

"Do you really need to pay $60/month for the joy of flipping channels?"

"Yes. Wait, what? Sixty dollars?"

Oh my gosh! He's totally going to agree! He gets it!

"Yep. PLUS another $17/month for HD and the receiver."

"That's wrong. It's supposed to be $30/month."

He calls them. Two hours later, the outcome is that somehow, they have not been charging us for phone service since January, so they'll be needing to add that to our bill.

I guess it was a pretty idiotic idea.


Anonymous said...

UGH, I hate stuff like that. Its suppose to be cheaper, ughhhh!!!

I know we pay at least 60 also.