Sunday, February 01, 2009

I can't remember, did I happen to mention that I was going on vacation? Oh, I did? Oh, right.

Yeah, suckas, I'm back, and I've got stories to tell. I'll go with the great stuff today and leave the whining for tomorrow, mmmkay?

So, we had seven days on an amazing ship, plus three stops in the Caribbean. We went with a couple other families and assorted grandparents, so the kids and we had built-in playmates. Sunday, we embarked, unpacked, organized the room, and made sure Mr. WG was signed up for a soda package.

Monday, our first full day on board was an at-sea day, and we explored the ship, found the pools, hung out with friends and family, and chilled. In the sun. We delighted in the towel animals our stateroom attendant created while we were at dinner -- which is a fantastic part of cruising. No, not dinner (at least not if you keep kosher), but the fact that someone comes and cleans your room TWICE A DAY. In the morning, you wake up and go to breakfast. By the time you get back the room is in order, and any foldout beds have been put away to make the small space a little larger.

Then, you go through your day, whatever, shower before dinner, make a mess of things, and while you eat, someone comes and cleans up AGAIN, and sets up the beds for sleeping. It is awesome. Would anyone like to do this daily at my house?

Tuesday, we docked in Cozumel, Mexico. They have a lot of cheap stuff there, and some of it is pretty cool. Like these purses, which they had in a very small size, and which I did not buy.

We did buy a "guitar" for D. and "birdies" for J. -- a little handheld paddle made of balsa wood with chickens that bob up and down when you swing it. It's cute.

In Cozumel, we went with our friends to the beach. First, we tried to get a taxi or a van, but we were told that the price would be close to $100 -- each way. So, we rented a van and drove to a great free beach where we had a blast. We bought the kids ridiculously overpriced smoothies before we left, but that was OK.

Wednesday was Honduras. The six of us wanted a cab, but we were told it would be $25 per person to go to the beach and back. That's $150! So, Mr. WG went to rent a car, but another lady stopped him and arranged a car and driver for the day for $60. We saw the whole island, which is poor like you wouldn't believe, but beautiful. Our driver took us to an amazing beach, part of a resort that is just incredible, and somehow we were allowed there for free. My girls got their hair braided, we played in the water and the sand, and it was stunningly gorgeous. So beautiful. Truly amazing.

Thursday was Costa Maya. Mr. WG went scuba diving. I took my kids to an incredible pool/shopping area RIGHT AT THE PORT with two friends and their kids. We had a blast, and when Mr. WG showed up, we went back on the boat for lunch, then my friends and I left the kids with the menfolk and headed out into town for some real shopping. The problem was that Costa Maya was way more expensive that Cozumel. I found my wrapper bag in a perfect tote size, and the shopkeeper wanted $150 for it. He refused to go lower than $60, and I refused to go above $40, so I do not have a wrapper bag, which makes me sad. But I did buy t-shirts for the kids and my nieces, and I got a nice statue of a man and a woman which looks lovely on my front hall table.

But I really wanted that bag.

Anyway. I also ate my body weight in ice cream on this trip, and I got a mini massage and facial, and I resisted the pitch to buy approximately eleventy zillion dollars worth of products.

We had a bunch of shipboard credits from booking as a group, our refunded fuel surcharge, and other stuff, so even after over $400 in tips, assorted sodas and cappuccinos (really, RC? You charge extra for cappuccino?) and the massage, we still got $25 in cash returned to us when we disembarked this morning.

I'm so going back next year.

What did you do last week?


Jenny said...

Oh, it sounds fabulous! I'm so glad you got to go and have a good time. We took almost that exact same cruise a few years ago (before kids). Left from Galveston, went to Cancun, Cozumel, and Honduras. You're right Honduras was soooo poor, it was heartbreaking.

Again, so glad you had fun. Sorry you had to return to reality!

The Gwench said...

I wondered why you hadn't posted! Last week we got a ton of snow (good ol' Ohio), worked part of the week, took part of the week off. But this weekend I'm heading to Las Vegas for my sis-in-law's 40th birthday celebration!

I'm glad you had a blast. I took my first cruise a year and a half ago with 6 girlfriends and we had so much fun! Now I just need to convince the hubby that it's more than a Navy ship he spent 6 months on. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Love it....though not as much as if I were the one on vacation! I remember getting braids like that in my hair on a vacation when I was about 10 or so. All I can recall is that it totally itched and took forever!

Lisa b said...

I just went to Florida
which compared to you trip is lame but compared to the snowstorm here was awesome.