Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How Much Did I Miss 24? Or, The World According to CTU

Job Application for Federal Employment

1. Would you like a job that gives you access to US security information that could conceivably be used to destroy the United States?
2. If so, do you plan to use this information to harm or destroy the United States?
3. If yes, please see HR to pick up your new employee information packet.

Important Definition

perimeter-n. A fortified strip or boundary usually protecting a military position that pretty much anyone can get through with little to no effort.

Can't-miss Dialogue


Chloe, I need you to defy the laws of physics and send me the newspaper for next month right now.


Jack, I can't. It'll take me at least 7 minutes.


Damnit, Chloe, there isn't time! Send it to my screen.

God, I love this show.