Friday, November 07, 2008

Can I join?

I was reading about this fantastic special needs ministry:

Shortly after a new director was put in charge of our children's ministry, she expressed a desire to meet with each of the families who have a child with a disability to talk about their challenges and needs. Out of this came several common themes, which became the main goals of the special needs ministry:

* The need for families to connect with each other for encouragement and fellowship.
* The need for parents to be able to attend service without being worried about their children or constantly called out to take care of them.
* The need to provide a safe, caring environment where the children were being ministered to at their level.

Dude, can I join this church? I can see where my husband might have a small issue with it not exactly being Orthodox or, you know, Jewish, but what's a little religion between friends?

Seriously, wow. What a concept.

I know I could probably get some of this stuff if I lived in New York or Chicago or, I don't know, Israel, but here? Not so much.

People ask us sometimes why we live here, as opposed to New York or Chicago, where we could get more Jewish services for D. Well, when we moved here, we didn't have a diagnosis, and now we live here already. And we have a bunch of other kids, who we can't just keep uprooting.

But am I wrong? Should we move somewhere where someone Jewish might actually care about my son's needs?


Lisa b said...

It had never occurred to me that I might move to access better services for Julia, in fact a social worker encouraged me to talk about some problems we had before her discharge from the NICU and I told her that needed to be careful because I needed to be able to bring her back to the hospital.
Now a year later I am looking into other hospitals and even considering flying to the US for medical opinions.
All to say that no I don't think you can move, but I do really understand why you might want to.

DESJ and Company said...

Come here!
Come live near me in Chicago!
We can have fun and insult people together!
C'mon, think about it?

WriterGrrl said...

Ha ha ha, Sara, Chicago, that's funny! It's freaking COLD in Chicago! But I agree that insulting people with you would be a blast. It's 71 here right now, and I am wearing a sweater and shivering. Chicago! Funny. :-)