Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In Which I Defend My Crappy Attitude

I spend a lot of time complaining. This is sometimes pointed out by a friend of mine who feels this blog is too negative. And then I read the blogs of people who could spend an enormous amount of time complaining, they've earned that right, but they don't. But over here, we are definitely mired in the negatives at times.

Part of it is that I often think that someone somewhere is just laughing at me, planting as many obstacles as possible in the path of D's success. Last year, in his mainstream classroom, he was stuck with a teacher who resented him, who by the end of the year was openly mean to him.

He wasn't accepted to the private school we applied to because he fell in between their levels. So, we made the best of it and found the PPCD program.

We met the teacher. We liked her philosophy. And then she left, just prior to the start of the school year and we got stuck with a temporary teacher. And then, we finally got the real teacher, and then--a hurricane.

A HURRICANE. I mean, really, are you freaking kidding me?

So then we missed two weeks of school and returned for ONE DAY before the season of HOLIDAY MADNESS descended upon us and we started the pattern of school, no school, no school, school, no school, and so on, for a month. So that now, the last week of October, is the first full week of school my son has attended SINCE THE SECOND WEEK OF SCHOOL.

Add to this the fact that the social therapy class I signed him up for meets on Tuesdays, so he missed THREE sessions for holidays. I swear, it's like God doesn't want me to catch a break.

Further proof: the day school three of my kids go to is running an after school program for kids with special needs, to give them a Jewish experience. And when I was told about it, I heard it was going to be for kids ages 4 through 19. And then yesterday, I got a form email rejection letter, explaining that it will be only for kids ages 9 through 15. I have three children who attend this day school. I really think SOMEONE could have called and given me a personal heads-up.

So, yes, I complain a lot. I do. But you have to admit that my kid seems to have caught a bum deal. And complaining here lets me maintain some illusion of normalcy in the rest of my life. Sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Just don't compare. Not to the parents who have it easier. Or to the parents who have it harder. Your aggravations are your aggravations. Your kids' successes are your kids' success. There's no point in comparing.

Shosh said...

is it okay if i really like your crappy attitude?

Anonymous said...

Amazing though, that in spite of all of this, your beliefs are unwavering.

Option 1: You pray, you worship, you devote an amazing amount of time, cash, and mindshare to a Higher Power. That Higher Power constantly ignores and disses you.

Option 2: That Higher Power doesn't exist.

DESJ and Company said...

yikes commentor 3....

OK my dear writergrrl (I swear, I feel I know you already), I'm quite honored you referenced me.

But what you write is what I feel. Your blog is more honest and real than mine.

How about that!

I hear you loud and clear on the insane schooling situation...

ella said...

Sometimes the universe really does suck.

But evey once in a while, it leaves you breathless with wonder. Just gotta hold onto those moments and remember them, the rest of the time...

Hugs to you & D & all the rest!