Friday, April 11, 2008

It's a Crazy Life, But I'm All Right

Who knows what that title is? (Hint: if you have a tween daughter, you're much more likely to know.)

Anyway, here's what's been going on.

1. We toured the PPCD. The facility houses preschool through kindergarten only and has regular and special education classes. Classes include MI (multiple impairment) classrooms with kids who have feeding tubes, walkers, and other accoutrements, PPCD classes for blind and visually impaired kids, and PPCD classes for kids with developmental delays. They are huge into inclusion. MI kids join PPCD kids when appropriate, PPCD kids join regular classes when possible, etc. They have a swimming pool and they teach the kids to swim. They have a speech therapist who pulls kids for individual therapy as mandated by IEP. They have a lot of cool stuff. The school day goes from 7:30 to 3. D. qualifies to be picked up and dropped off AT OUR HOUSE by a bus. It sounds pretty good, and we are leaning heavily towards it.

2. We are still waiting to hear from The School.

3. My friend had a baby, her fifth girl. When it was time for her to go to the hospital, her husband was MIA. So I drove her and hung out with her till we tracked him down. He was on the phone with his father and didn't hear the call waiting beep. NINE HUNDRED TIMES. So then, he told us that he'd run home to get the computer and change his shirt. It took him two hours. Fortunately, they have a fantastic marriage, plus it took her a good 12 hours to actually have the baby, so it was cool. When I left her room (well before the pushing stage began), I picked up her parents at the airport, lied to them for an hour about where their daughter was, and then drove them and the other four kids back to the hospital to meet the new baby who had finally deigned to make an appearance.

4. We hired a housecleaner to help with Pesach prep. It was heavenly to have someone else scrub the toilets, and even more heavenly to open my office closet and see it all neat and organized. Totally worth skipping meals for a week or so to pay for it.

5. Mr. WG went slightly, briefly insane. It was fun, but he seems to be back to normal now.

How bout you? How've you been?


ella said...

Wow, the PPCD sounds really great! So glad to know our public schools can get some things really right.

And I'm glad Mr. WG's insanity has passed.

Lisa b said...

Sounds like a great school. You know I like to read about your experiences in this regard.
I hadn't thought about Julias gtube as an 'accoutrement', kind of makes me feel like its more of an accessory that all the cool CDs have.

Really though what made me feel all warm and fuzzy was the thought of an organised closet. Well worth the money.

Anonymous said...

What's the title from? I have a tween boy and I can't figure it out?

Kyla said...

I'm currently waiting to hear about my KayTar's placement in the PPCD program. Eeek! Good luck with all of this.

(ps: I came from Lisa b's)