Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Happy Freaking Holidays

We’re doing something new and exciting this week – we’re actually going to WORK the whole week instead of losing half of it to more Jewish holidays.

Yes, that happy time of year is happily now behind us, and my kids have FIVE WHOLE DAYS of school this week. This is exciting beyond words.

Here’s a funny story from the long, neverending weekend. Sick of cooking and entertaining, I announced that I was not inviting ANYONE for meals. Of course, when it came time to sit down at the table, I regretted this decision and tried to do the last minute in-shul invitation, which didn’t work out so well. And in one case, when I told my husband, let’s invite this family, he told me, “Um, no, I forgot to tell you, they hate us.”

Oh. Well. OK, then. Good that I’m in the loop.

Also, to make it a total laugh riot of a holiday, S. got whacked in the head with a metal bat and ultimately needed five stitches. Then, since she already had one hole in her head, we got her ears pierced on Sunday.

I also read a book on teaching reading to kids with Down’s syndrome, because I figured that it was also a general approach for kids with developmental delay, and it lays out a pretty clear plan. The first step is to work on fine discrimination skills with matching games. Mr. WG said, “Do we have a matching game?” And I said, “Yes, I saw one in the bathroom.” Now, why we store our matching games in the bathroom is beyond me, but hey.

So we got the game and chose 10 matched pairs. When D. can successfully match all of those, I’ll move on to phase one of the reading program, and of course I’ll keep you posted. My idea is that if I work on these skills with him over the course of this year, then when he gets it in school next year, it won’t be brand new material, and he’ll be in a better position to keep up with the rest of the class.

So. I hope your week was better than mine, and here’s to happier times.


moplans said...

'since she already had one hole in her head'...

I'll be needing the name of that book please.

WriterGrrl said...

It's actually just called Teaching Reading to Children with Down's Syndrome -- Amazon has it, but check your library first. http://www.amazon.com/Teaching-Reading-Children-Down-Syndrome/dp/0933149557

Anonymous said...

Do you know why this family hates you? Perhaps your husband is overreacting?