Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ask Not For Whom the Toll... Wait, What?

Yesterday, we toured The School.

All of the faculty and staff wear name tags -- I guess to make it easy to identify outsiders. The classrooms have one way glass and speakers and you can watch and listen like your own personal episode of Law and Order which is very interesting.

D. could be placed into the 18 month - 3yo class or the 3 to 5yo class, depending on how they assess him. If he places into the higher level class, they may actually have room for him. At the lower level, it's not such a sure thing -- but I would really hope that he would place higher. (Mr. WG tells me that I may have misunderstood, but let's just hope that it all works out.)

Anyway. The facility is lovely. The staff was responsive. Everything looks good. I filled out the application, which included answering THREE HUNDRED QUESTIONS about my son's abilities, and each question had to be answered Yes or No by filling in the appropriate circle with a #2 pencil and HOLY CRAP that was a lot of questions.

Today, I drove back there with D. for a speech therapy session. On the drive, I calculated that if we enroll D. there in the fall, we will spend $35/week ON TOLLS. On top of the approximately eleventy billion dollars we will pay for tuition and therapy and stuff. TOLLS. Holy tolls.

BUT, today D. had the GREATEST first session he has EVER had with a new person EVER. You may recall that our very first speech session back before we moved here was, um, not so much fun. Today was like payback for that session.

D. fell asleep on the drive, which is not surprising since The School is 93 million miles about 25 minutes from our house. I woke him when he arrived. He was a little cranky for the first minute or two but perked up quickly. The speech therapist, Cheery, welcomed us in. D. pointed out the iMac (comluler). He was quickly distracted by some Play-Doh. With prompting, he asked for help to open it, then copied Cheery's instructions and utterances. He said things I've never heard him say before. (Like, Play-Doh, for one.) He was SO GOOD. It was amazing. I was so proud.

We have another appointment set for the day after we return from Pesach. I hope we haven't used up all our good ju-ju on this session.


lisa said...

I'm glad he had such a great speech session. Those moments are nice, aren't they? And holy hell, that's a lot of money on tolls!

Nikki said...

I wish you and D. the best with this new school. Hopefully all the benefits it provides will outweight the negatives - the toll, the drive...

3MGA mom said...

Too bad they don't make hybrid minivans (yet). We're saving a ton on gas, in comparison, which could offset your tolls in theory, but not if the car isn't big enough for all of your kids :)

I'm glad you found a school that sounds so great for D!

Anonymous said...

Am enjoying reading my new foudn bloglove.

I truly enjoy following along, you are very unique in your style, and it makes me feel as if I"m the neighbor next door, watching all of it.

Thank you for the way you just don't censor, and put out there what we think..but don't say.

I love your style!

P.S. Which Daniel Handler book are you reading? And I"ve ordered "eye contact." Does look intriguing.