Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Internet, You Have Redeemed Yourself. Plus, I Am Boring Today, But I am Also Giving You a Treat!

I greatly appreciate the comments. Really, thank you. I didn't mean to be quite so... mean. Sorry about that.

Moving on. I got an email from someone who read the blog, and I’m dying to share it, but I need to get her permission, so, you know, live in suspense until then.

My mother said to me yesterday that she doesn’t really think my sister’s wedding will happen. She tells me that she and my father attended a wedding the other night, and everyone there said to them, “Oh, are you getting ideas?” and so on. And then, she tells me, “I always think Daddy drives too fast. But this time, on the way home from the wedding, I thought, Maybe he’ll just crash and then I could be dead and not have to deal with this.”

Cheery, no?

So, December is approaching, and with it, WG’s birthday! Yay for me! I will be 31. Which means it is time to begin building my Amazon Wishlist for my family to consult and ignore. Ha! Just kidding. They typically buy me almost everything on it. Sometimes, they don’t order through Amazon, though, so I get six of the same thing and can’t be bothered to return them. I know, I know, it’s a tough problem to have.

A special treat for my dear, dear readers who made me feel so loved by that OUTPOURING of comments. This is the picture of D. that graced the invitation to his third birthday party. I will post a picture after we (sob) cut his hair on Sunday.

Note the long face and GIANT forehead. That is Sotos, right there. In this picture, you can’t really see the downward slant of the eyes. But I’ll probably eventually share some of those pics, too.


Sabrina said...

Not that you need me to tell you this but I think he's a cutie. He has such soulful eyes!

cristin said...

thanks for sharing the picture! he is a cute bean.

hey, what ever happened to your nanny/house keeper?

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! You Rock!

lisa said...

What a beautiful kid. I like the long hair!

Teej said...

Ah, sweet little D! Please make appearances often.

I say give him a Beatles shag. I mean, if he's going to have a cut, why not make him the most stylish kid in the 'hood?

Meredith said...

D is totally gorgeous! That smile - those eyes! Very adorable.

3MGA mom said...

Oddly as I imagined him!

And seeing him, I think you should take the whole "looks like a girl" thing as a huge compliment, because that was just little-kid-speak for "He has awesome cheekbones!" Seriously.

Mrsmandl said...

WG, your blog is the perfect mixture of humor, reality and human emotion. Thank you so much for trusting me enough to share it with me. D is a beautiful child - his eyes sparkle.

Margo said...

He's so handsome.