Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Quick catch-up

Well, boy howdy, I wish I could say that my silence was caused by wild adventures or an extreme fit of household organization or... well, ANYTHING, really, but no. Just the mundane silence that comes from not having my housekeeper and my general laziness.

I did have a bunch of deadlines last week, and finding work time without a housekeeper to rely on was tricky. Then, last Thursday, we left for a quick vacation, which was a lot of fun. My parents commented that this was the first time they had ever seen me smiling and enjoying myself in the pictures. "You know, usually you're not in the pictures, or you look unhappy," my mom said.

Take that however you will, I still don't know.

I mentioned that one morning, I took the girls and D. to the hotel pool while Mr. WG stayed with a sleeping Baby J. in the room. "I can't believe you took the girls and D. without Mr. WG," my mom said. So, apparently, I have a reputation for laziness, general malaise, or I don't know what.

Don't get me wrong -- my mom is great. I think she's probably right -- that probably is how a lot of people see me. So it's more of an eye-opening statement, you know?

The kids start school tomorrow. DD1, who will now be called Z., is starting the second grade. She had to read a book and write something about it over the summer. Most of the books on the list were below her level, but we managed to find one that she enjoyed enough to write about. The assignment was actually "Write and illustrate what you liked best about the story." Z. doesn't like to draw. And I wanted to upload her report, but Blogger won't let me.

Yeah, speaking of Blogger issues, the lack of categories is really getting to me. Is it really hard to move everything over to wordpress? Would I be able to import existing entries and categorize them? Anyone?

Anyway, DD2, henceforth S., and D. are going to be at the same school, a different school from Z. D. will go from 8 to 12. S. stays a full day -- she's starting 1st grade. D's teacher will be a good friend of ours, but I'm still not sure how he'll react to the whole thing.

We'll see.


3MGA mom said...

Glad everything is okay. I'm curious about wordpress, too, since I'd rather be off the Google grid. Love it as a browser, but Blogger just comes up too high on all their searches, which brings out the paranoia in me :)