Thursday, August 10, 2006

Nothing like a little bit of the crazy to shut people up.

Yesterday, we took 3 of the kids to the dentist. Mr. WG and I were also there to be checked -- we haven't had any dentist appointments since before we moved. So we were a few months overdue, but that's not too bad, considering that we moved twice and had a baby and stuff.

OK, so this was D's first dentist appointment. And Mr. WG took him in and told the dentist that D. has Sotos and that there's a whole tooth issue -- crappy enamel, weak teeth, whatever -- and the dentist wasn't too worried. Then Mr. WG brought D. out to sit with me so that Mr. WG could have his teeth checked. And D. began to HOWL. And I tried to calm him down, but he wasn't having any of it. And the receptionist is giving me these snippy little looks and I just wanted to cry along with him.

After Mr. WG finished and took D. home, the girls had their checkups and then I had mine. And the hygenist says, "Your girls are so cute."

"Thank you."

"And your son -- well, I guess he had a bad day."

"Well, he's two, so, that's par for the course."

"I know! Your husband said he was two! But he's so big! I thought he was five!"


"I mean, he's so big!"

(OK, lady, you asked for it.)

"Yeah, he has an overgrowth syndrome. It's a genetic mutation actually."


"Well, it's not anything bad is it?

(Cheerily) "Well, it has me on Zoloft."

We didn't talk for the rest of my visit.


3MGA mom said...

Goodness. Well, I bet you gave her something to think about. I've only busted out the "...and he could go into a coma, or worse!" once, since Cole's crappy-gene-itis is much less visible than D's, but I know it's a potent weapon in my arsenal for those who refuse to butt out.

Lisa said...

ZING! I hope she felt appropriately stupid. Why do people persist with the ignorance sometimes? Ugh...