Thursday, July 06, 2006

In Which I Whine About Stupidity and Stupid Things

I mentioned how I joined the Yahoo! group for parents/caregivers of Sotos kids. I get all my groups in digest form, because I get a lot of email. Digests are easy to go through quickly and don't clutter up my mailbox. Except that in this particular group, no one seems to have heard of the whole "trim your posts" thing. It's making me absolutely insane -- I try to read a digest, and I have to scroll FOREVER to get through a one-line post, because they've quoted the past 6 rounds of back and forth, with the whole Yahoo signature included EACH TIME. Am I the only person who finds this incredibly irritating?

Also, could someone please come and explain to D. that he is not yet 3 years old and that he NEEDS to nap each day AND go to sleep at night. His new trick is to lie awake in his bed at naptime, kicking the wall and hurling shoes at the floor. Then, at bedtime, he hangs out for a bit in his bed or his sister's bed or the playroom, but seems to invariably wind up downstairs with a big smile and a "Hello, D!" (He's taken to greeting himself every time he enters a room.) Somehow, the kid is surviving on like 6 hours of sleep in a 24-hour-period. This better be a REALLY SHORT PHASE.


lisa said...

Uh yeah...I HATE the Yahoo groups format and, get extremely annoyed at people who don't trim the extra crap off their posts. No advice for you on the D. sleep front, but I do like his self-greeting! Cute.

3MGA mom said...

You and me? Seperated at birth. Not trimming posts is one of my huge pet peeves! (Let's not get started on all of the others :)

D. and Cole? Reading from the same playbook, aparently. Cole is sleeping maybe 9 hours at night, and then taking shorter naps, too. He's not even close to 2, and I'm not sure how many more days I can get up at 5am before I lose it!