Thursday, June 29, 2006

Oh, yeah? Well, my OTHER kid is... wait, what?

My 6-year-old was invited to a birthday party for a Boy in her class. My 6-year-old is a girl, and the only 6-year-old parties we have been to so far have been for girls. I usually go to Target, oh, an hour or so before the party and grab one of those "decorate the butterfly" kits. I race home, my husband wraps it, my daughter makes a card, and off we go.

This party was for a Boy. A 6-year-old boy. Who, actually, I think was turning 7. So I guess those other parties were 7-year-old parties, too. Apparently my daughter was one of the youngest in the class with her June birthday, and I only just now realized it.

Anyway. This party was for a Boy. And I know nothing about such children at that age. So I called his parents to RSVP and to ask the address of the place where the party is being held -- because, really, writing something that is the equivalent of MiniGolf Fun and expecting everyone to know where it is, that's a little presumptuous, don't you think? -- and then I said to his father, "You son is a Boy. And my daughter is a girl, so I have no idea what to get your son. What does he like?" After a few moments, we determined that he likes the Magic Treehouse books that my daughter also enjoys. We both commented on how the kids read them so quickly and it's impossible to keep track of what number they're up to, and so on, and then he says, apropos nothing, "Well, we had Junior tested, and he's gifted.


Where to begin?

The virtuous part of me thinks things like, I don't care. Why are you telling me this exactly? But the other part of me, well, she is trying to figure out who you call to get your kid tested.

Seriously, people, sometimes I lose all respect for myself.