Friday, February 03, 2006

A Million Letter-Size Pieces (of Paper)

(So? Do we like the new look?)

Yesterday's mail brought the neurologist's write-up of our visit. Not a bad turnaround time -- I was pretty impressed. The report, when everything is written down, in some ways doesn't look as dire as I've been feeling. Of course, the doc did raise the possibility of another problem, this one characterized by a propensity towards brain cancer, but my hsuband, the pediatrican, and I all agreed that that dx was a real stretch, and it's not something I have time or energy to worry about right now.

My son's medical file is already so thick. When I got copies of my kids' records in preparation for our move a few months back, I was at first amused, and then disturbed to see that his chart -- and remember that he is two years old -- was easily 4 times as thick as my daughters' charts put together. And it just keeps growing.

We are currently in a rental house, waiting to move into the house we just bought (I forgot to mention on Wednesday that I bought a house (OK, so we bought it a month ago, but we closed on Wednesday, and I meant to be all cute and post a little, Oh, yeah, by the way, I bought a house today, but somehow, I forgot)), and I have no desk right now. The desk that used to be mine was usurped by my husband who needs it for his ACTUAL PAYING JOB, whereas I just, you know, wanted it so that I wouldn't have to sit at the dining room table while I bang on the keyboard.

Anyway, along with the loss of my desk,. I have suffered the loss of my filing cabinets, which means that all these pieces of paper are stored in pretty little piles that take up all the free space on the extra sofas crammed into our bedroom (don't ask). Whenever I need a particular sheet, I have to start moving piles and boxes and balancing things precariously on the edge of a windowsill, and it's just SO frustrating. But in the new house, I have already claimed the gorgeous, spacious office just off the living room, with a built-in desk and SO MUCH STORAGE SPACE it makes me weep with pleasure. I will try to post a picture in the near future.

(My husband's office in the new house could politely be described as "dank" and fabulously inferior to mine." But it's for his own good, because his office is tucked away in a quiet corner of the house, whereas mine is right at the bottom of the stairs, off the living room, near the front entrance -- I spent a long time convincing my husband that he would face far too many interruptions in that space. That bright, cheery, SPACIOUS space. Heh.)

I am so looking forward to having a place where all those pieces of paper can be contained, tamed, and easily found when needed for various doctor visits. But of course, what I am really hoping for is to filie those papers away and then never need them again.