Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Kodak Moment We Didn't Quite Capture

D's speech therapist mentioned that when kids hit about 50 words, they start using 2-word phrases more consistently. I asked if I'm supposed to be keeping track of how many words he actually has. You'd think this would be fairly easy, as he doesn't have so many words yet, but when you're on the spot, you'd be astonished at how difficult it is to remember what your kid can say. Anyway, the therapist said that right now we don't need to keep a log.

"You know approximately how many words he has," she said. "Like, would you say he has about 30 to 50 words?"

"I guess."

"How about 50 to 100?"

"No, defintely not."


Heh, cool. A whole new side to mother instinct that I never even knew existed.

Anyway, I guess that we really are at around 50 words, because D. has started combining words more frequently. Now, when he wants juice, he says and signs "more," followed a beat later by "please." When he's finished with a book, an activity, or a tv show, he says (and signs), "all done, bye-bye."

Yesterday, we noticed that D. had a fever. It wasn't really affecting his mood or behavior, but he had that sick look around his eyes, and he was really congested, so we gave hom some generic Tylenol Cold and put him down for a nap. In the evening, he sat down and had something light to eat and some juice, and we gave him a dose of nighttime medicine. A few minutes later, he gave one of those burps that you know isn't going to end well, but he was still acting fine.

Mr. WG took D. to the bathroom, where D. leaned over the toilet and threw up. Then he looked up at Mr. WG and said, "All done. Bye-bye." He waved bye-bye to what he had, um, expelled from his body, and flushed the toilet.

Yes, it's gross, but isn't it also a little bit cute?


Blu said...

LOL... yes, yes it is. Can't believe this one didn't have comment. :)